4 Signs you are dehydrated

Our body mostly consists out of water, our brains, for example, contains 95% water, blood 82% of water and even our lungs are nearly 90% water. It is pretty obvious that we need water to survive.

Estimates are that 75% of Americans have a mild to chronic dehydration. This is concerning since water is needed for our cells, organs, and tissues to function properly but how can you tell if you are dehydrated?


  1. You have a headache

Headaches can have multiple factors like stress or lack of sleep but most of the time it is caused by dehydration. During the day your body constantly losses fluid. That means you are losing essential salts that contain sodium and potassium. This affects your brain because it is very sensitive to change. The result a headache. Stay hydrated and drink lots of water during the day to avoid headaches.  

  1. Your pee is very yellow

This one sounds kind of gross, correct? But it is true. The reason your pee turns yellow is because you are not drinking enough. Kidneys, which filter the water, tell the body to retain water. Therefore, we have less water in our urine, which causes it to become more concentrated and darker.

  1. Skin

To keep your skin looking young and plump, hydration is key. This quick “pinch test” indicates if your skin is properly hydrated. Hydrated skin snaps back to normal quickly whereas dehydrated skin remains elevated and returns to normal slowly. In this case it is important to hydrate!  

  1. Dry Mouth

This one is fairly obvious. A dry mouth occurs because your body does not produce enough saliva. This can be a result of dehydration, which means your body does not have enough fluids to produce saliva.


How to prevent dehydration?

If drinking plain water isn’t appealing to you, you will be happy to know that there are other low-sugar, hydration options out there. H2rOse is a rose water and saffron infused beverage that not only hydrates you but also provides multiple health benefits. At only 60 calories per bottle, H2rOse is the perfect beverage for a balanced lifestyle without compromising on flavor.