benefits of rose water

Benefits of Rose Water

Everyone has heard of it and most of us love it. We are talking about rose water! Rose water already plays an important role in the skincare industry. Mostly found in facial toners, rose water tightens the pores, balances pH-level and hydrates the skin.

Michelangelo, who was known to drink rose water with his tea every day, as well as Cleopatra, who was convinced of the healing and beautifying qualities of rose water, couldn’t imagine a life without this special ingredient.

In case you are already obsessed with drinking rose water, we don’t need to convince you anymore but if you are still thinking about why should you drink rose water? Here are a few benefits rose water will add to your everyday lifestyle.

Rose water has anti-aging properties that can help to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. It is also known to enhance your mood, and decrease stress. Drinking rose water can help to relieve digestive problems like bloating and upset stomach. Rose water also calms the nerves and relieves inflammation.

Rose water is not only beneficial when applied topically, it also works wonders when consumed as a beverage.

Since rose water has naturally a bitter taste we don’t recommend consuming rose water all by itself. We like to hydrate with H2rOse which includes rose water with a fruity twist. Remember to drink lots of water to hydrate your skin since we all know that hydrated skin looks and feels wonderful.