The Power of Saffron

2000 years in the making, H2rOse offers a Rose Water and Saffron beverage loaded with benefits, created to keep you hydrated while also having your taste buds begging for more.
Truth is, not everyone knows about one of our key powerhouse ingredients: SaffronSaffron is a highly regarded spice, not only in the culinary world, but is now reaching new heights of appreciation as a result of recent studies on its numerous health benefits.
Saffron flowers are not always in season, and the process of extracting the saffron threads from its flowers are an extremely unique and complex process, making it one of the most expensive and exclusive spices found on earth.
Although saffron does not come cheap, we found a way to incorporate the royal herb into every bottle of H2rOse, leaving you with its numerous health and beauty benefits.
Saffron is learned to be one of nature’s most powerful herbs including:
1. Improving Arthritis & Vision Health. 
2. It Contains ‘Crocin’, Which Can Promote Learning, Memory Retention, & Overall Recall Capacity. 
3. Used for Asthma, Depression & Whooping Cough. 
4. Product Positive Effects on People with Neurodegenerative disorders. 
5. Reduces Inflammation. 
6. Promotes Sex Health and Sex Drive. 
7. Helps with Insomnia. 
8. Improves Heart, Liver and Digestive Health. 
9. Helps with Depression. 
10. Helps Reduce Bloating and Menstrual Cramps. 
From these benefits, it’s easy to acknowledge that The Power of Saffron is undeniable. H2rOse is infused with Rose Water and Saffron to help make you look and feel beautiful from the inside out.