benefits of saffron

Benefits of Saffron

As human beings we are always looking for ingredients that can improve our overall health and well-being. We all know that dark leafy greens are good for your health but what about spices? Occasionally, we use them to enhance the flavor of the food we are preparing but no one really knows what impacts they can have on our overall health.

Our favorite spice is saffron. This golden wonder spice gets harvested from the flower ‘Crocus Sativus.’ Saffron, the most expensive spice in the world, offers plenty of health benefits and is used in many cultures for cooking. It’s unique color, flavor, and other properties give it culinary and medical characteristics that make it renowned all over the world.

The spice, which dates back to ancient times is a natural remedy that supports many functions. By drinking H2rOse you will get all the benefits of saffron in one bottle but what are the health benefits?

Saffron is known to ease digestion, soothes irritated stomachs and reduces occasional anxiety. Additionally, the spice can also help to enhance your mood and decrease the desire to eat. If this is not a good enough reason to start drinking H2rOse, we don’t know what is!